O'Leary Sludds Architects - Office Fit-Out, C.R. BARD

Office Fit-Out, C.R. BARD

A commercial interior office fit-out, with a central blue feature which “snakes” its way through the space in order to break up the large expanse of open plan office space. The ‘snake’ creates a communal zone of informal meeting, print, storage and water cooler areas where people will naturally come together over the course of a working day. 

As the Project Managers and the Lead Architect, O’Leary Sludds Architects offered a turnkey service which ranged from the co-ordination of a full design team to procuring all loose & fitted furniture. 

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Open plan office area with blue snake feature and orange high stools forming informal meeting area, printing stations and storage area.
Open plan office area with blue snake feature forming print station and stationary area with white office desks, orange privacy screens and grey office chairs.
White office desk with white gable storage, orange divider and grey service pole with data and electrical services connected through acoustically rated MF grid ceiling.
Blue feature walls in open plan office area forming informal meeting and storage areas with three feature pendants hanging from plastered ceiling.
Second floor open plan office areas with cellular offices with glass manifestations to the perimeter.

The blue ‘snake’ is located directly under the ridge of the roof’s portal frame which allowed it to become the main route for the M&E services. By putting the main service route in this location it allowed us to maximise the floor to ceiling height over the main open plan areas. 

The desks are serviced from the ceiling via service poles as there was not enough height for a raised floor and the location of a cleanroom underneath the mezzanine prohibited us accessing the office from below the slab also as this would have affected production. 

Feature white light shade hanging from feature white plasterboard ceiling with blue accent wall.
Orange and white office desk dividers with grey service poles and blue snake feature forming printing station.
Architect on phone sitting at blue hot desk in open plan meeting area with pendant light fittings.

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