A Behind the Scenes Look at Our Designs

Site Layout Plan Passive House

An initial sketch design of the site layout of a house helps us consider the relation of the building to the wider context of the garden and in turn the surrounding countryside. 

Site layout plan showing roof of passive house with landscape design and external terraced areas.

Apartment Concept Design

When designing a large development it is important to consider the visual impact of the development from street level to ensure that the building proportions and heights are appropriate. 

3-D street view sketch of apartment block with glazing to ground floor and cantilevered floors above.

Double Sided Inset Stove

The double sided inset stove in this house was a particularly important design element and we wanted to explore the relationship of the feature wall to the steps and balustrade. 

Double sided inset stove in red feature wall at entrance to passive house.

Office Interior Design Concept

We completed this 3-D sketch to visualise the impact of the blue feature wall running through the open plan office fit-out- you can see the results under the commercial section of our web site!

Sketch of blue feature wall "snaking" through open plan office area.

Retail Fit-Out Sketch

This is an upcoming project for a retail clothes chain in the south east. We are hoping to install the hanging rails so that they hang from the ceiling leaving the floor completely free of clutter- we can't wait to see the final result. 

Interior design of retail clothes shop showing hanging rails, counter and display areas in front of green wall to changing rooms.

3-D Sketch of Bathroom

This 3-d sketch was completed for the passive house we did in Tullow- needless to say we didn't present this actual sketch- hence the doodles at the bottom! 

3-D sketch of family bathroom in black and red pen with doodles to the bottom.

Office Interior Visualisation

When completing any design, be it a one off house or an office fit-out, it is important to generate 3-D's of the design to present to the client.

Grey and white concept sketch of circulation route in office with office chair.

Concept Sketch Entrance Canopy

When completing sketches for a design it can be important to include some context to help the client and other stake holder's engage more with the proposal. It is the bikes, cars and people that make this 3-D sketch come to life. 

Concept sketch of zinc entrance canopies to office with ca

Detailed Plan Survey

Before we get to do the fun design stuff we sometimes have to complete a measured survey of any existing buildings. It's tedious work but someone's got to do it! 

Freehand dimensioned survey of part of a commercial property in blue and red pen.

Eaves Detail Passive House

When communicating back and fourth with building contractors we quite often have to mark up or sketch over construction details as per the image above.  

Eaves detail of passive house with hand notes in red pen.

Rendered Cottage Floor Plan

By adding a bit of colour to the floor plan of this thatched cottage it helped our client understand our proposal better.  

Rendered  Cottage  Floor  Plan  Oleary  Sludds  Architects

Sketch Mixed Use Development

At the initial stages of any project, large or small, it can be important to keep the sketches loose- people do their best work when they are relaxed!

Rough hand sketch of urban design proposal for prominent corner site adjacent to river in blue pen.

Illustration Passive House

Hard line computer generated drawings of a design can make the design look a bit incongruous but when you add landscaping and context it is easier to imagine the actual visual impact of the development. 

Illustration Passive House Oleary Sludds Architects

Apartment Extension Sketch

We sometimes overlay existing drawings with our sketches so that the client can understand the design proposals, and their relationship to the existing building, better. 

3-D of apartment block with red pen sketch overlaid to show possible extension.

Sketch of Passive House

By colouring in a 3-D of a house it allows us to experiment with different materials and how they look/ relate to each other. This is very close to the final design we settled on for the house design in Kilanne- see our passive section on our web site for the final result. 

3-D view of passive house with raised living area rendered in grey, brown and blue pens to indicate zinc, timber cladding and glass balustrades.

Section Passive House

Before computers we did a lot of drawing on drawing boards- hence the term "back to the drawing board!" This is a section I drew with a pencil not a mouse!

Section  Passive  House  Oleary  Sludds  Architects

Apartment Block Site Layout

Quite often, during the design process, we revisit initial design sketches we would have completed for a development to ensure that during the design evolution process the initial concept has not gotten lost- trust us it can happen! 

Sketch of site layout plan of apartment block showing approximate size and location of development in blue pen.

Office Fit-Out Plan

This is a sketch completed as part of the preparation of the Fire Safety Certificate Application. The fire rating of the various walls is colour coded on a sketch before generating the hard line AutoCAD drawings. 

Marked up floor plan of open plan office area with cellular offices in red, blue and green high lighters.